Sunday, March 05, 2006

Winter Beaches ~ Wet Stones

Wet beach stones

Yesterday, I did get down to the beach, as planned. Stone hunting. It was perfect.

Most people like the beach in the summer~ sleeping, getting grilled. Not me. If it's really hot, I might go. But quickly~ so quickly. Just to jump in, have a swim, and then I head right on home. It's too hot. There's no shade.

It was raining a little yesterday. No people. Not a single one. Just me. The tide was way, way down and the stones were slick and shiny with wetness. They are so beautiful like that~ as though they have been put through a lengthy tumbling process. Sometimes, I treat the stones I bring home with a special epoxy to create that 'just out of the surf' look. Mostly, I let them be. People who use them outside will be happy when it rains, and they see them wet.

A beach stone wind chime where the stones have been treated to look wet. To learn more about this wind chime, or to buy it, CLICK here.


  1. gorgeous! your photograph had me from the get-go and then i saw the chimes. great pieces.. i found you through blog explosion and will have to bookmark your site!

    much love from chicago.

  2. Thanks for the pat on the back, gen. Believe me, when the rain is falling and it's dark like today, then a comment like yours is about all that will get me out there working! Best wishes, Tim.

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