Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Weekend is not a Weekend

A weekend is no longer a weekend, and hasn't been for years.

When we lived in the city, and I worked at a 'regular' union job, weekends were weekends. Free time. And that is one thing I do miss. Just like coffee breaks were real breaks. I still drink coffee, but I drink it while I work. Usually I forget about it and end up drinking it cold. I miss hot coffee!

Last year I decided to reserve one full day a week for relaxation. That fizzed. Someone will buy something, and it has to be packed. The sun will finally be shining, and pictures need to be taken. I'll have run out of copper chimes, and must cut them immediately. The customer should not be kept waiting just because you might like a day off. And more honestly, I love my work. I'm passionate about my work, so if I have a free day, what I like to do is... work!

Today is the weekend. I know that because the family is home from work and school. Fortunately, just because I am working does not mean neglecting them. When I go to the beach in a few hours to fetch yet more beach stones, they can come along. For them, it will be a trip to the beach; for me it will be work. With work like that, who needs weekends?

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