Sunday, October 28, 2007


windchime, driftwood, copper, art chimeNatural Pacific driftwood~ naturally beautiful. The beach stone clapper produces sweet music against these heavy copper chimes. For more information, or to buy, Click here.

The other day I posted a driftwood wind chime (see below) and it sold within hours. So here is a different one.

The first wind chime sold off a site called Etsy. If you have never explored this arts and crafts site, it is well worth having a look. My own corner of Etsy can be found by clicking here.

Etsy seems to be increasingly popular for both artists and art collectors. It is the only site I have found (and I have tried many), outside of Ebay and my own website, with much action as far as sales. It is also a very user friendly site, both for browsing and for listing things for sale.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Natural Driftwood, Natural Beauty

driftwood windchime, glass, copper, artist tim klineA rugged piece of Pacific driftwood (this guy has had a life!) with an impressive set of handcrafted extra large copper wind chimes. The beach stone clapper produces sweet music against these huge chimes. Natural driftwood, natural beauty. For more information, or to buy this, Click here.

Destiny? One of my earliest childhood memories is from a family vacation to a northern lake in Wisconsin. There I found what to me was something extremely beautiful and valuable: a piece of driftwood. I took it back home and treasured it deeply.

When we moved to Vancouver Canada, that piece of wood came with me. I well remember frequently polishing it. How I loved that wood! It was so smooth, the grain was so interesting.

A little later, there was a radio show in Vancouver where people could phone in and offer whatever for sale (obviously way, way before the internet!). People would phone and describe their washing machine or their chair, and others could get in touch to buy the item. Well, I phoned and offered my driftwood for sale ($5.00). It seems to me the guy running the show had quite a chuckle.

But here I am, 40 years later, selling driftwood. Destiny?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slow Learner

sea glass, beach glass, art windchime, wind chime, copper

Talk about pretty wind chimes! Beach glass inspired with copper chimes, a beach stone clapper, and tung nut oiled red cedar. For more information, or to bid, Click Here.

After getting burnt on last week's auction (see below), you'd think I would have learned a lesson and tossed in the towel on these listings starting at .99 cents. Nope.

This week I started two auctions at .99 cents! Looking for pain, I guess.

The fact is, this is pretty much the slowest time of the year for me, just before the holiday rush (which I sure hope is coming soon!). But the bills keep coming in. Poor pup had a little run in with some poison, and that vet bill needs paying. And the family for some strange reason still wants to eat, even when things are not selling well. So I persist with the .99 cent listings, and cross my fingers that this time things will go better.

Why not grab the chance to get a bit of a bargain? Especially since almost certainly in a month or so, things will be flying out the door for way more money. If past years are anything to go by, soon the bidding and buying will go nuts. Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Steal?

free gift earrings from Coast Chimes, copper, pebble
Huh~ I had a neat little flash thing here showing a listing from eBay, but the auction ended a long time ago, and the player showed... nothing. So I decided to revise and show the neat little earrings I make and give to customers. Whenever anybody orders anything at all, I always include a free set as a little thank you gift. Sometimes the emails I get lead me to believe the customer is as excited to receive the earrings as the windchime!

Only a little more than a day to go, and such a low price? Looks bad for me. Good for some lucky bidder. Oh well, things can change in a day. I hope so. (things did change~ I got an okay price~-- updated March 1, 2008)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Freestanding Beach Stone Double Art Wind Chime

windchime, freestanding, beach stone, copper, glass, wind chimeFreestanding beach stone double copper chimes~ beach glass inspired. I love this. It has all the elements I like, from a smooth, rounded natural beach stone, to the intertwined copper support. For more information, or to buy it, click here.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We are doing a traditional feast, and inviting friends and neighbors. One of my favorite holidays~ all the fun of being with friends, and none of the stress of gift giving. It's going to be great!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Prices to Increase!

I just love smooth, rounded, natural Pacific beach stones~ so I use them as often as I can. This is a triple stone wind chime, with heavy copper chimes. There is also a beach stone clapper that produces a sweet sound against the copper. Heavy copper goes right through each stone, so very strong! This is an ideal wind chime for all season, all weather use. To learn more, or to buy it, click here.

Woke up and faced reality this morning. Sad. With about a 37% drop in the value of the US dollar next to the Canadian dollar, and with a 300% increase in copper prices (not to mention all those other increasing expenses), I realized that regretfully I have to raise my prices.

I already get too many emails from nice people wishing they could afford my work. So this is unpleasant. But I need to feed the dog, and the family, and that means raising prices.

I just wrote to those on my mailing list letting them know this, and giving them about a week's notice. Maybe some want to do some early holiday shopping, before the big increase. I guess I will have to raise most prices about 20%~ split the difference.

The drop in the dollar also means that I need to increase my shipping. I am currently loosing about 5-10 dollars way to often. Wish I did not have to do this, but it is reality.