Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

wind chime, stained glass, sea glass, copper, Tim KlineMy last beach glass inspired 'kaleidoscope' wind chime... until I have the chance to make some more. For more information, or to buy this amazing wind chime, Click Here.

Wishing all my customers and friends all the best for the holidays, and for 2008. Thank you for making 2007 so special! Thank you for all your kind words, and for supporting me in my artistic endeavors. I appreciate it!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Rush

handcrafted wind chime, marbles, beach glass, copper, tim klineKaleidoscope wind chime with large colorful 'shooter marbles. The red cedar box frame, chime holder and windsail have been treated with an exceptional eco-friendly tung nut oil finish. The beach stone clapper produces sweet sound against the five heavy copper chimes.
For more information, or to buy this wind chime, Click Here.

Every year it seems people wait a little longer for their online holiday shopping. It got pretty crazy at the end of last week, and over the weekend. That's great, as I always need money for groceries and the dog has to go to the vet today for his (expensive) shots and check-up. But it certainly is a bit stressful to have to pack and ship super fast, and then have another order come in, and have to pack and ship again. There are little things that add to the fun. Like now I always include a gift of my copper earrings, and I never have enough of those made in advance. So I need to run out to my wet workshop and pound out a pair in the rain, and then scamper back inside. Then another order comes through, and it's back out to make another pair of earrings!

Last year some people who received my work as a gift took the time to email me a thank you note. I found that remarkable. I don't think anyone writes to the Sony Corporation, to thank them for their video camera! It was really sweet to get those emails, and to know that I had helped to make Christmas special for some people. Most stuff falls apart, gets outdated, stops working, but I know my wind chimes play on.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Website updated ~ special offer

I have updated my website (finally!), and all the works are now current, and available.

There is also currently a special offer. When you buy two wind chimes, you get 50% off a second wind chime of equal or less value. You also save a lot on combined postage, so this is a really great deal!

Here is the new homepage:

And here are the wind chimes currently available:

To visit the site, click on either of the images above, or Click Here. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Works ~ Interesting Wind Chimes

wind chime, marbles, beach glass, copper, Tim Kline
Wind Chime, windchime, cats-eye marbles, copper, handcrafted

For the first time I am using some of the large 'shooter' marbles that have been accumulating over the years. Most often, in each small bag of marbles I buy, there is one large marble~ a shooter. I've obviously bought a lot of bags of marbles! These beautiful wind chimes are available for instant purchase in my
eBay store, or on the neat arts and crafts site, Etsy. They are very well made. The red cedar box frames, chime roundels and windsails have been treated with an exception eco-friendly tung nut oil finish. A beach stone clapper sounds great against the five heavy copper chimes. A treat for the eyes, and the ears.

A very busy, productive day, yesterday, despite the cold weather. So cold, sometimes I lost all feeling in my hands. One can't wear gloves when using a table saw, or sanding, and I do all that sort of work outside, in unheated space. Not to complain, but I sure wish it was (a lot) warmer. This morning, it's snowing again!

Yesterday illustrates well just how varied my days often are. Cutting cedar, cutting copper, sanding, brad nailing, soldering, cleaning plate glass, selecting glass, applying tung nut oil, cutting roundels, taking pictures, computer work, answering emails. Tools used: sander, table saw, jig saw, drill press, brad nailer, camera, computer. Oh~ and the wood stove might count as a tool yesterday, for thawing out my hands!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shipping from Canada

art windchime, cedar, sea glass, copper, Coast ChimesBeach glass inspired cedar and copper art wind chime. The cedar top section, chime holder and windsail have been treated with an exceptional eco-friendly tung nut oil finish. A beach stone clapper produces sweet music against the five copper chimes. Great gift! For more information, or to purchase, Click here.

Many exceptional works available for instant purchase (or make an offer!) in my eBay store. Or why not check out Etsy~ a wonderful arts and crafts site where I also have many items available. There is also a very special offer available on my own website~ buy one wind chime, and get a second one of equal or less value for 50% off! A one-of-a-kind art wind chime or suncatcher makes a very special and memorable gift.

Please remember~ these ship from Canada, and shipping can take a little longer. Most often shipments arrive at their destination is about ten days. Sometimes things do get hung up at the border, and take even longer. To be safe, you should order in the very near future.