Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow Days

Unusual weather here on the Sunshine Coast. We rarely get snow, especially this early in the year, and especially so much. Most often if we do get some, it starts raining within a day or so, but this stuff is sticking around. It's cold!

The kiddies and the dogs are having a ball. I felt bad, because I like to ship orders right away, and could not get out on Monday. Fortunately, there was a brief break in the weather yesterday, and I could dart out to the post office and also pick up a few groceries. Now we are back to... Snow!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Rush

Cobalt blue beach glass-inspired copper art wind chime with a beach stone clapper. Beautiful, and Very well made. For more information on this wind chime, or to see a wide assortment of art for the home, garden or office, Click Here.

Every year some people wait too long before ordering for Christmas. Shipping can take longer (sometimes much longer!) from Canada, and if you are thinking of ordering some unique tsk Design creations as Christmas gifts, you should order soon. I try to ship fast, but things can get hung up at the border, especially at this time of year. So shop now to assure timely delivery.

Free tsk Design earrings with sterling hooks update: I still have a few sets left. See my 'Me' page on eBay for a picture. Until I run out, every order ($75 or over) gets a pair for Free! These are Great, and would retail for around $25 easily.

So check out my great selection of home, garden and office gifts, and shop early. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reverse Painted Double-sided Art Wind Chime

A new series of double-sided reverse painted art wind chimes~ Colorful and very well made. The paint is all on the inside of extra-thick plate glass, well sealed against the elements. So you can hang these all year round out in the garden~ weatherproof! Or use them in the home or office as kinetic art~ for more information, or to buy, Click here.

I do so enjoy making these. It's very different from my usual glass work. I started out with paints, years ago, and to be able to go back to paints once in a while is refreshing. A customer down in Texas bought four painted glass works from me, and so I had to renew my stock. He just received his order, and I don't think I've ever had a customer write such an enthusiastic email. That sure helped to brighten a rather gloomy day!