Sunday, March 19, 2006

Crazy Pop

Do you ever let your children talk you into something foolish? I like mine to learn from their own mistakes, but sometimes things go too far. Like yesterday.

Working hard on art projects, it got late, and I noticed my 16 year older had not brought in the kindling and wood for last night's fire. Heating only with wood, he and I share the chore of keeping the home hearth burning. After six months, we are both sick of it. Anyway, it was late, we had to head out to a dinner party, and I had to get cleaned up, so I asked him to please fetch the wood.

He laughed the laugh that translated means 'Pop doesn't have all his marbles.' It had been a sunny, warm day, and all our big windows and skylights had heated the house to the point where doors and windows were open, and people wore T-shirts. So it did seem crazy to be worrying about firewood. On the other hand, being a wise ol' man, I knew with the clear sky the temperature would be falling faster than the US dollar, and that the fire would be sorrily missed. However, in a rush to get off to the party, I let him sway me, and skip the wood fetching.

So we got home from the party, and the house was already tomb cold. No problem. Everyone just hoped into bed. But alas, I am, as always, up hours before everyone else. While that laughing son sleeps warmly under his blankets, I sit here freezing. He doesn't learn a thing, and I make typos because my fingers are freezing together. Crazy Pop.

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