Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Joy or Noise Pollution

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From 99 cent mass produced "Why would anyone spend even a buck on this" chimes, to multi-hundred dollar one-of-a-kind works of art, wind chimes come in many styles.

Someone once gave us a large, expensive set of wind chimes. My wife and I had a little thing going where she would hang them up on our deck, and a day or two later I would stash them back in the garage. A few days later they would be back up, and I would again remove them, and so on. Why? For me, they were way too loud! We live in a quiet area, and I could not enjoy sitting out with a cup of coffee and reading a book with those things clanging away.

Loud seems to be the 'thing' now. Not long ago I was in a store featuring a selection of wind chimes. Although nicely made, they were all extremely loud~ some should have come with a warning about wearing ear protection!

So one question you might ask yourself before choosing a wind chime is whether you want one that will drive you and your neighbors crazy, or something a little more subtle.

The wind blows, but not all the time. So probably you should consider not just tone and volume, but esthetics. A bunch of tubes hanging from a roundel can look okay~ but a wind chime can be much more than that. It can be a work of art. Some can even be hung indoors in the home or office as art.

A well designed art wind chime is a pleasure to own. Others can be a headache.

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