Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Pacific beach stone, driftwood, double copper art wind chime~ beach stone clappers. Sometimes everything just comes together~ and that's why this piece is called Harmony.

For more information on this work, or to buy it, CLICK here.

Sometimes I get an idea and it takes months to develop it~ or maybe it never happens. Other times, things flow and everything clicks. Sometimes materials fight every inch~ they don't want to do what I want them to do. And other times they seem to bend and shape at my slightest touch to exactly where I want them to be.

After years of working with copper, glass, stone and wood, I know these materials. I know what they can and can not do for me. But they can still surprise me. I sometimes ask too much of them. For example, I may want the copper to bend a little too sharply. I know, now, that it just can't~ but I might ask it to anyway, and be a little surprised when it won't.

Mostly I am surprised these days when I get an idea, a picture in my head, and find all the pieces I need on the beach, and have all the materials bend just the way I imagined they would~ and the whole things comes together to make that picture I had in my head. It's a nice surprise. That happened for the piece pictured above, and that's why I call it 'Harmony.'


  1. Kathryn in Texas4:20 PM

    As a devotee of TSK DESIGN for a number of years, I never cease to be amazed at the new paths your creativity takes. It's a fun trip to view your work both on the web and in my home. I have the joy of seeing clever TSK DESIGN art in a number of rooms in my house as well as in my garden. Congrats on having your own blog. The combination of photos and and personal thoughts lets us know the artist as well as the art. Thanks for adding fun and beauty to our days.

  2. Gorgeous!
    made me suck my breath in!

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  4. You have such gorgeous designs and products!

    I guess it helps to live in a gorgeous environment like the Sunshine Coast; you must find a lot of inspirations.

  5. you're sooo talented. thumbs up and blogmarked. :D

    just surfing from blogmad here. :)

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I really enjoy reading your blog. If i were you i would go to and submit this blog and let thousands of others see it for FREE. well, thanks again and i look forward to all your updates.


  7. Thank all of you for not only taking the time to look at my work, but to leave such thoughtful, lovely comments. It's always nice to get feedback, and such nice feedback is all the sweeter, so thank you! Tim.