Monday, March 13, 2006

Under the Influence

Natural Pacific beach stone wind chime with handcrafted copper chimes and a beach stone clapper. The beauty of the Pacific Coast inspires.

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Artist are deeply influenced by their environment. Years ago, when we lived in Vancouver (or, as it is sometimes called here on the Sunshine Coast, 'the Big Smoke'), I drew and painted faces. Hundreds of faces. That's what the city is, so that makes sense.

It's different now. On the Sunshine Coast nature is everywhere, and there are not so many faces. Out my back door there are miles and miles of forests. Just down the road, miles of Pacific shoreline. After moving here, I stopped painting faces. Now I work with beach stone, driftwood, my own sea-type glass. That the the spectacular natural beauty of this place should so influence my work is... just natural.

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