Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rain Forest

Pacific rain forest inspired artist-made beach-type glass sun hanging. For more information on this work, or to buy it, CLICK here.

After several years of relatively dry winters, this year has been more typical of the Pacific Northwest: Wet! A reminder that this is, after all, rainforest country. Working mostly outside, I am acutely aware of the weather. It's seldom all that cold here, but when it's raining, and windy, and just plain nasty, it's not a lot of fun working outside.

Even being very careful, materials get wet. The natural materials I collect at the beach and in the forest need to dry by the fire. My hands can't bend wire as happily when they are numb. Sculpting and rinsing glass is misery. And somehow it is not fair that the big dog is sleeping inside, warm and dry by the fire~ How tempting it is to join him!

While it's not great standing around working on my art, the afternoon hikes (yes, everyday I drag the pup away from his toasty fire) are beautiful. Dripping trees and lush wet moss; the rainforest as it was meant to be seen. It was on just such a hike that I noticed how stunning some mossy branches hanging by a creek were. Later, I returned with a small saw, and the result is the work you see above. A celebration of the Pacific rainforest.

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