Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wholesale Wind Chimes and Art

Left, center and right, several of my suncatchers hanging in the window of the Full Moon and Candle Company, in Sequim Washington.

Recently I improved the Wholesale Ordering page on my website. Now not only can you custom order for your store or gallery, but I have also put together some Easy Order bundles. These are especially suitable for the first time order, when you want to try out fairly small selections of items. So now you can instantly order a selection of suncatchers, or a selection of wind chimes.

Some of these easy order selections are even suitable for individuals, who may want to order a larger selection for their home, yard or garden, or as gifts. There is even an easy order cold forged copper earring page, which would be a great way to get all your friends something unique, beautiful, and for an amazing price.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neat Suncatchers

Beach Glass inpspired
Click on the pictures to see them larger
Freestanding suncatcher above and
hanging version below.

I've just added several really nice beach glass inspired kaleidoscope suncatchers to my website.

There is a hanging style, and a freestanding style. These are really fine for any sunny window. As the sun shines through the glass, the colors come alive producing a beautiful display.

Despite being extremely well made with eco-friendly tung nut oiled red cedar box frames and extra-thick plate glass, I have decided to place these in my Under $75 section— and the price includes postage and insurance for the USA and Canada!

Why not have a look now? Click Here to visit them on my website. Enjoy!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Bosch Table Saw Dead

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wind chime, beach glass, copperBeach glass inspired kaleidoscope wind chime
On sale for $127.50 instead of $177.50!
Visit the Kaleidoscope Carousel Gallery of my Website.

I just bought 200 pieces of 3 1/2 X 11 inch thick plate glass, and I was looking forward to getting to work making a lot of neat wind chimes and freestanding suncatchers when...
my Bosch 4000 table saw broke— again. It's dead.

Several years ago, just shortly after the warranty expired, the bearings burnt out and I had to ship it to Vancouver, wait about two months, and pay a small fortune to have it repaired. Since then, it has worked pretty well. But now it does not even hum when I turn it one. Ominous.

I'm going to look at it today, to see if I can figure out what is going on. But most likely I will end up getting a new saw. This time, it will be a DeWalt. That will be cost about $700, so I will be looking to sell quite a few items in the next few weeks, which means great deals for you!

I just lowered the sale price of my kaleidoscope wind chime to $127.50, including Expedited postage to the USA or Canada (other countries, email for a reduced postage quote). I also have a super beautiful flowing copper wind chime on sale.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Beautiful Blue ~ Beach Glass Inspired Scultped Wind Chime

Click on the picture to see it larger
wind chime, sculpted cedar with cobalt blue beach style glass, copper chimesSculpted red cedar with blue glass and copper. Beautiful. For more information, or to purchase, visit my website.

I love red cedar, especially when treated with my eco-friendly tung nut oil finish. It's smooth, soft, smells good, and looks great! I think it compliments my glass and the copper very nicely. So I really like this wind chime!

Finally, most of the snow is gone. This is great, as taking pictures with a snowy background is a real drag-- messes up brightness and contrast. However, a lot of my supplies are still buried under deep snow behind the house, so it will be a while before certain project can be tackled. I'm looking so forward to spring, and especially summer!

Monday, February 02, 2009

SD Cards Jump in Technology

Before long, these will be available up to 2 terabytes~Enough memory for over 165,000 images

My first digital camera had some small SD card that I would constantly fill, have to empty into my computer, and go back to taking pictures of my stuff. Then I got something like a 512 MB card, and things were easier, But I would once and a while still fill it during one session (I take a lot of pictures of my work!). So just recently I saw the price on 2GB cards, and bought one right away-- less than $30!

Well, recently announced, in the near future there will be 2 terabyte cards (SDX) available. 2 terabytes? 2000 megabytes! Enough memory in a postage stamp size card to hold 600-1000 HD movies. Or over 160,000 images. Guess I wouldn't be running out of memory with one of those puppies! It boggles the mind (at least my mind) that so much data could be stored in such a small thing.

The first of the new cards should be out later this year, but these will be 64GB.

My guess? Watch for a change in how your local video store rents movies.