Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time to Play?

When it's busy, like now, I can easily take over 400 pictures a week. There is only a small window each day where the light is right, in the late afternoon. That means waiting, watching, and then taking as many pictures as possible, hoping to catch the right look. And the 'right look' does not include a large golden retriever!

But unless I remember to invite Yukon inside before starting, invariably he will stand right there, ball ready, clearly saying: 'Hey, how about a game of fetch?" Good idea Yukon, but bad timing. Aside from the half hour or so I have of good light, I'm always pleased to be reminded that it should not all be work, work, work~ life's short so don't forget to play. I could go on and on about this, but I have to go out and toss a few balls for the dog.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Showing the Details

Click on the image see it better, and read the text.

Recently a happy customer wrote that she was amazed at the work and attention to detail that went into my wind chimes. Before receiving it she knew it was a nice looking chime, but had no idea of the care I put into it:

' I really think in this "fast food, get it right now, instant gratification" society we live in, most people have NO IDEA of the time and effort you put into your designs... ...I think if people had a "black and white" idea of how even the smallest of details on your wind chimes receives careful consideration and thought, that they would quickly realize that they can't
afford to NOT have one of your pieces! '

I think she is right, and put together the picture above with some details of what I do. It's not the whole picture, but it provides a glimpse of the care I take, both in design and construction.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Customers Have Great Memories

Cat's-eye marbles deluxe wind chime. Five polished copper chimes with a beach stone clapper. Tung nut oiled red cedar. Click here for more information, or to buy it.

I make quite a few different styles of wind chimes, so it's not surprising that sometimes I forget about a certain type. I am always happy when a customer comes along and ask about this or that type of wind chime, reminding me that I haven't made one for a long time. That's what happened with this cat's-eye style. It must be over a year since I made one, and I had pretty much forgotten all about them. Until someone wrote. Another advantage to selling through the Internet~ direct communication.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Always Trying to Improve

To the left: old style. To the right: new style.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my work. I'm constantly making small changes, learning new tricks. Most often, it is something small that most people probably wouldn't even notice. But every once in while, there is something major.

Thanks to an extremely sharp-eyed and thoughtful customer, who was kind enough to share her thoughts, I have now radically changed the look of my chimes. For years I have made them with a double-brushed mat finish. No more. The customer was right. Same great sound, same beach stone clapper, but now even prettier. They are richer and more elegant looking with a shiny, polished finish. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Kim!