Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Natural Pacific Beach Stones Wind Chime

Natural Pacific beach stone wind chime, five copper chimes, handcrafted Coast Chimes
Natural Beach Stones Wind Chime
Coast Chimes
This very large natural beach stone wind chime would be ideal anywhere, but especially a house on the ocean. This chime would never fear strong winds, rain, snow-- the stones look even nicer when they are wet. It weighs a lot, so you'd need to use a very strong hook or nail to hang it from. But once hanging, enjoy for years to come, as it is extremely well made.

Detail image of the beach stones, Coast Chimes
Detail Image of the Beach Stones

Friday, April 11, 2014

Unique Metal Fence

Perforated sheet metal semi-transparent fence by Coast Chimes
Perforated Sheet Metal Fence, by Coast Chimes

The gates still have to be made, but I am already very pleased with the perforated sheet metal fence I designed for our small yard. Because it is semi-transparent, the yard feel larger than if I had put a traditional cedar fence. Also, this suites our modern small house, which is clad in galvanized roofing, very well, I feel. I've never seen a fence like this, so I am all the prouder to have dreamt this up.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Privacy Trellis

Between thinking up new designs for Coast Chimes, and making them, I sometimes turn my dreaming to other projects. Having recently moved to our new home, we found ourselves feeling a little exposed to a neighbour and a road. I needed something to fix this, but also modern, to go with the home design. I just finished making and installing my solution. There will be evergreen clematis growing up this red cedar trellis, soon.
Trellis for a deck, red cedar
Privacy Trellis, Red Cedar

Red cedar privacy trellis, modern design
Modern Design Privacy Trellis

Detail image, privacy trellis, red cedar.
Detail Image, Privacy Trellis