Sunday, March 12, 2006


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Making beautiful things is more than my day job~ it's my life. But there are chores that must be done. Finding time for everything is a challenge.

You probably turn a dial and the heat is there. Easy. Every so often a bill comes, and you pay it, and that's that.

Not so here. We heat exclusively with wood, and right now I am cutting and bucking trees, chopping and stacking. We need seven cords. They say wood heats three time~ when you cut it, when you chop it and when you burn it. True! But in fact it also heats when you stack it, and when you lug it into the house. It's a chore, to be sure.

Off course, heating with wood has it's advantages. Like no heating bill. And it certainly is nice on a cold winter's night to have a big pile of wood inside, a roaring fire. But at this moment, when I have ten art projects I would like to be working on, it's a drag.

The chain saw is one tool I don't much care for. It's earsplitting loud, it stinks, it's dangerous. I have a lot of respect for that tool, and am on high-alert when using it. It wasn't the chain saw that got me last year; it was the splitting axe. It was too late, too dark, when I was holding a smallish piece of wood to chop and chopped my thumb instead. Wow~ I didn't realize that splitting axe was so sharp! Fortunately, I hit my thumb off to the side, or I would likely have severed it. As it was, it was not much fun working on my glass and copper for the next month. It's only when you get an injury like that that you realize how much you use your thumb.

Now, having cut half the wood, those guys who deliver a truck load of chopped wood for $150 are looking like a pretty good deal. Except past experience has taught that most often their wood is garbage. And besides, these trees I'm falling are way too close to the house, blocking our sunlight and creating a fire hazard. So today I'm off to saw and chop and split and stack. I'd so much rather be making something beautiful~ but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

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