Wednesday, June 14, 2017

West Coast Wind Chime Beach Stones Driftwood Copper: Coast Chimes

Coast Chimes beach stones and driftwood large outdoor wind chime
West Coast Driftwood & Beach Stones
Wind Chime
Five Copper Chimes
Coast Chimes
Part of my job is to go beach combing-- quite a perk! Although there are tons of driftwood here on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada, it is actually quite challenging to find pieces suitable for my needs. Most pieces are way, way too large, and many of the smaller pieces are all smashed up. So I spend quite a few hours on the beach, looking for the 'good' stuff.

The design above is popular. I have been out of stock for several weeks, and only now am I starting to get a few more set to list on my website. Once I have all of them made, and photographed, i plan to place them on my website all at the same time. Probably around June 16-20th.

I also plan to make a few of the smaller chimes with driftwood and beach stones: I have some amazing wood for those. So keep an eye on Coast Chimes to see all these new West Coast chimes.

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