Friday, June 23, 2017

High-quality Wind Chimes: A Little More Money, A Lot More Quality

Glass and copper handcrafted outdoor wind chime, Coast Chimes
Artist-made Sea Glass and Copper Wind Chime
Great Outdoors all Year Long
Coast Chimes
Some people are hesitant to hang something like the glass and copper wind chime pictured above outdoors, especially through the winter. But I have invested a huge amount of time and research finding the finest materials and discovering the best methods of design to be able to confidently assure them that it will be just fine. Having made my glass and copper creations for nearly 25 years, I still hear from some early customers that they are enjoying their wind chime to this day. I am not surprised. Yes, a Coast Chimes wind chime or suncatcher is a little bit of an initial investment, but it is made to last.

Visit Coast Chimes and see all the awesome designs.

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