Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beach Stones and Driftwood Make Really Great Wind Chimes

West Coast driftwood, beach stone, glass wind chime
West Coast Driftwood, Beach Stone, Glass & Copper
Wind Chime
$95 Coast Chimes
Spending a lot of time walking along the local beaches searching for great driftwood and wonderful beach stones is part of my job. A good part! The second part is searching through all the driftwood, stones, and glass pieces I have in my workshop, and combining them to make a creation that works for me aesthetically. The wind chime pictured above is an example of success.

Finally my shipment of new diamond bits, long needed for drilling beach stones, has arrived, and there will be many new works appearing on my website featuring beach stones. You can see all the beach stone works HERE, and all the driftwood works HERE.

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