Monday, June 05, 2017

Copper Handcrafted Outdoor Large Wind Chime

Handcrafted high quality copper wind chimes by Coast Chimes
High Quality Genuine Copper Wind Chime
by Coast Chimes

At Coast Chimes, most of the wind chimes feature art on top of the chimes. But many people want a simple, very high-quality wind chime, without the art. Pictured above is the perfect solution.

The large copper chimes at Coast Chimes are completely handcrafted. The metal is cut, smoothed, double brushed, treated with a reactive (not paint: this finish will not peel or flake), and polished.

The hardware is all handmade. On the large copper chimes, the hardware is all copper: no fishing line or cotton to wear out and break. These chimes are made to be beautiful and also extremely durable.

The cedar roundel is solid wood: not laminated plywood as found on many mass produced wind chimes. The wood is treated with an wonderful tung nut oil, a finish which will also never flake or peel.

Copper is a soft metal, and it is a challenge to achieve a nice sound. Coast Chimes uses a beach stone clapper, or striker, to produce lovely, soothing sound.

Beautiful, durable, and wonderful sound: this is an awesome wind chime. Visit Coast Chimes to check out all the amazing wind chimes.

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