Saturday, April 11, 2009

Suncatcher Chime Fancy, Inspiration

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suncatcher, stained glass, cold forged copper, chimes
Suncatcher Chime, beach glass inspired, cold forged
hammered copper diamond connectors. Three handcrafted copper chimes.
To learn more, or to purchase, visit the website by Click Here.

After all these years of making suncatchers, I still come up with new ideas. Having left over heavy copper sheeting from the patching I had to do on the hammered copper sink for the birdbath I made, it occurred to me that I could use this to make some neat new decoration on my suncatchers and wind chimes. Above, the results: the hammered cold forged copper diamonds between the glass pieces.

Inspiration is a funny thing. I find it has to come to me, that I can not go to it. It comes in a flash, from (as far as I can tell) nowhere. It seems most often to be triggered by materials: a piece of stone on the beach, a stick, a scrap of metal. Sometimes, it comes from a question someone asked (i.e, 'can you make a birdbath?'). Where ever, and what ever, I feel grateful that I do get ideas, and that often those ideas do seem to work out.

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