Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wholesale Wind Chimes, Price Reduced

Beach Glass Inspired
Kaleidoscope Wind Chime
Wholesale packages available.
wind chime, beach glass, copper, wholesale
A popular style of my handcrafted glass and copper wind chimes. Visit my wholesale page by Clicking Here.

Due to the Canadian Dollar being so much stronger against the US dollar than it was a few months ago, I have been able to reduce the price of many of my works. Today I also reduced the price of my wholesale packages. So while pretty much everywhere you look, prices go up and up, my wind chimes are becoming more affordable. Nice!

Entering my fourteenth year of making suncatchers, wind chimes and other works for the home and garden, I am happy to report that the quality, always high, is higher than ever. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve, and seldom does a week go by without my thinking of some way to tweak my designs. Lower prices, improved designs!

I've also just dropped the price for many of my wind chimes for the casual shopper, too. As always, free shipping, and free cold forged copper earrings with every purchase. Enjoy.


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