Friday, March 27, 2009

Wind Chime, Freestanding, Beach Stone and Copper

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wind chime, freestanding, large, beach stone with copper
Wind chime, Freestanding
Natural Pacific Beach Stone with Copper

I have a passion for beautiful smooth rounded beach stones, and for copper. So it is only natural that I love creating freestanding wind chimes from these materials. I just finished making the one pictured above, and consider it a real success. It's an organic, lovely piece.

The only problem with these is that they are large, and heavy. That's a problem because I not only make them, but I ship them; trust me, they are not so much fun to pack and the postage is not so much fun to pay.

Whenever I get a notice that one sold, first my heart soars with the thrill of another sale, and then sinks with the realization of the task ahead. But over the years I have perfected the art of packing these, and it's not all that bad anymore. Bad, but not that bad.

And from the enthusiastic emails customers send after receiving this style, the effort is worth it.


  1. cool! I absolutely love these!

  2. Thanks, Beth! Tim