Friday, April 24, 2009

Suncatcher, Beach Glass inspired, Hanging

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suncatcher, kaleidoscope, beach glass
Suncatcher, Beach Glass Inspired Window Hanging
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It's been busy. Putting together a fairly large wholesale order always takes more time and work than I anticipate. The thing is, while I put together something like that, I also build some stock for my website.

For example, the wholesale order included two hanging suncatchers. While I was building those, I built another three for my website, too. In the end, that's a more efficient way of doing things. They all came out really well, as you can see from the one pictured above. You can view the three extras on my website right now.

I feel lucky today. My son came home from University the other day, and asked if he could take my car to drive to Kamloops, BC, to visit a friend of his. How funny. I had just been getting into some serious head scratching over how to ship my huge driftwood birdbath to the customer. Well, she lives in Kamloops! This works for everyone. I can ship pain-free, my son gets his gas paid for, and the customer gets her birdbath express delivered to her doorstep. Sometime things just work out.

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