Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Beaver Gnawed Driftwood Wind Chimes

Beaver gnawed driftwood with five copper chimes: Coast Chimes
Awesome Beaver Gnawed Driftwood
Five Copper Chimes
Outdoor Wind Chime: Coast Chimes

I've never seen anything like it: a gorgeous piece of driftwood cut at both ends by a beaver. Perfect for one of my large outdoor handcrafted copper wind chimes. Then, even better, I found a smaller piece of beaver gnawed driftwood just a few weeks later, nearly in the same spot along the beach. So there is a little brother to the large one pictured above.

Beaver cut driftwood, 3 handcrafted brass chimes: Coast Chimes
Little Brother to the Large Beaver Driftwood
See it at Coast Chimes

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