Friday, July 14, 2017

Deluxe Handcrafted Bird Feeder Wind Chime

Coast Chimes deluxe bird feeder wind chime
Deluxe Red Cedar Handcrafted
Bird Feeder Wind Chime
$275 at Coast Chimes
One of the big projects each year is the making of my deluxe red cedar bird feeders. I only make them once a year, and when they are sold out, they are gone until the following year. Sometimes they sell out very quickly, and other times they remain until the Christmas rush. This year I have one left from last year's stock, probably because I never put it on Etsy. I really wanted to keep it, to use as a template for this year's crop, but it is listed on Coast Chimes' website: .Here

I am terribly proud of this design. I came up with it about 20 years ago, actually as a lamp design. The table lamp was a little different, but basically all the elements were present. I then turned it into a bird feeder wind chime, and each year made a few improvements. It is one gorgeous, awesome bird feeder.

Sometimes people ask if the chimes bother the birds. I hung this style at my home when I had acreage, and never noticed any reaction from any birds, regarding the chimes. It's cool, because when a bird lands, there tends to be a gentle chiming, and when it takes off, even more of a chiming, as it pushes off. Very nice!

I just got my supply of red cedar from the local mill, which dried quickly under the summer sun, and will be starting to make this years's supply of feeders before too long.

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