Saturday, July 08, 2017

Outdoor Glass and Copper Garden Yard Decor

Kaleidoscope glass and copper art wind chime: Coast Chimes
Kaleidoscope Wind Chime
See it at Coast Chimes

As popular as it is beautiful: the Coast Chimes kaleidoscope wind chime. It looks great anywhere, anytime, but to see it at its best it should be hung where the morning and late afternoon sunlight can filter through the glass from behind: an awesome show of brilliant colours!

This wind chime is extremely well made-- like all Coast Chimes products. The glass pieces are loosely trapped between two plates of extra-thick glass in a red cedar box frame. All the red cedar has been treated with an exceptional tung nut oil finish.

The five copper chimes are the pride of Coast Chimes. The process is long, but the results are striking. The copper is cut, double sanded, treated with a reactive (this finish will not peel or flake), scrubbed with steel wool, and polished. There are no strings or fishing line: all copper connections. This wind chime sounds great due to the beach stone clapper, or striker-- copper is soft, so a really hard clapper produces the sweetest sound.

Find this wind chime and other great creations at the Coast Chimes website. $10 express shipping on all orders.

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