Monday, July 03, 2017

Delicious Time of Year: Urban Garden

Colorful organic Swiss chard from home urban yard garden
Colorful Organic Swiss Chard from
Urban Home Yard Garden

Possibly my favourite time of year: warm days, cool nights, and awesome treats arriving daily on our dining table, thanks to my wife's hours in our yard garden.

I usually grocery shop once a week, Sunday mornings, and just now it is really happening. Making out the list, and realized I can almost completely skip the produce aisles. So cool!

It is shocking to me just how much food a very small yard garden can produce. I realized just how much last year, when I had to go out and buy a chest freezer!

I encourage you to rip up the grass and put a few raised beds in. The time you save from not having to mow and care for your lawn, invest in planting and weeding and harvesting. Enjoy better food.

Below is a picture of our little yard garden.

Organic urban yard food garden.
This little yard produces a lot of food

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