Monday, March 23, 2009

Bird Feeder Art Wind Chime Makeover

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Deluxe Bird Feeder Wind Chime

I've made a lot of deluxe art bird feeder wind chimes over the years. They are without a doubt one of the most labor intensive creations I make. So many precision saw cuts! About a year ago, when I made several, I thought that I had perfected the design beyond further improvement. Wrong.

I'm not sure that the room for improvement ever completely vanishes. While the look is almost the same, this latest design incorporates several significant enhancements.

For example, instead of resting on top, the cover now actually fits over the feeder. This is not only more secure, but also more water tight, and more attractive. The perches are a little longer, and I am sure the birds will be sending plenty of thank you notes for that one. Also, the seed bin is larger. So my 'perfect' design got a considerable makeover, and is that much closer to actually being perfect.

You can find the feeder for sale on my website, right here: Feeder

It is also available with impressive iron chimes, right here: Feeder Iron Chimes

You can also buy this amazing feeder without any chimes at all, if you like. Just scroll down the website page, and there is that option on the PayPal submit form.

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  1. your chimes is so adorable I'm amazing to your work i haven't see this chimes in my life... i love the varnish things like chair table and cabinet,! Maybe you can try to look at some of great wind spinner too! for your garden...