Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Snazzy Wind Chime Windsails!

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windsail, copper, windchime, wind chime, hammered copper
New snazzy windsail design: Hammered copper

I constantly strive to improve my designs, and to dream up new ideas. Innovation often arrives through indirect routes.

Recently a customer asked if I could make a birdbath for her. Never having made one before, my initial reaction was to decline. But then I recalled an acquaintance had long ago given me a very large, beautiful old round copper sink. After much thought, I decided this could be a very cool birdbath, using a huge, upside down driftwood root. More on all that in another post. The thing is, I had to buy some thick copper to patch the drain hole in the sink. That in turn led to my inspiration for a new windsail design.

The new windsails add, I feel, an elegant twist to my wind chimes. My chimes are still mostly going to be offered with the tung nut oiled red cedar sails, but there is now the option (for a small fee) to upgrade to this new copper style.

For those who have previously purchased a wind chime from Coast Chimes, there is also the opportunity to order just a windsail (or a replacement cedar sail, if yours has gotten worn over the years).

Check out my the Windsail Page on my website.


  1. Oh, how gorgeous! I love the new copper windsail.

    Isn't it amazing how new ideas come to us?

  2. Thank you, LadyK!

    Yes, it is amazing. I am, in fact, constantly amazed as new ideas come to me for old themes.