Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wholesale Wind Chimes and Art

Left, center and right, several of my suncatchers hanging in the window of the Full Moon and Candle Company, in Sequim Washington.

Recently I improved the Wholesale Ordering page on my website. Now not only can you custom order for your store or gallery, but I have also put together some Easy Order bundles. These are especially suitable for the first time order, when you want to try out fairly small selections of items. So now you can instantly order a selection of suncatchers, or a selection of wind chimes.

Some of these easy order selections are even suitable for individuals, who may want to order a larger selection for their home, yard or garden, or as gifts. There is even an easy order cold forged copper earring page, which would be a great way to get all your friends something unique, beautiful, and for an amazing price.

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