Friday, February 06, 2009

Bosch Table Saw Dead

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wind chime, beach glass, copperBeach glass inspired kaleidoscope wind chime
On sale for $127.50 instead of $177.50!
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I just bought 200 pieces of 3 1/2 X 11 inch thick plate glass, and I was looking forward to getting to work making a lot of neat wind chimes and freestanding suncatchers when...
my Bosch 4000 table saw broke— again. It's dead.

Several years ago, just shortly after the warranty expired, the bearings burnt out and I had to ship it to Vancouver, wait about two months, and pay a small fortune to have it repaired. Since then, it has worked pretty well. But now it does not even hum when I turn it one. Ominous.

I'm going to look at it today, to see if I can figure out what is going on. But most likely I will end up getting a new saw. This time, it will be a DeWalt. That will be cost about $700, so I will be looking to sell quite a few items in the next few weeks, which means great deals for you!

I just lowered the sale price of my kaleidoscope wind chime to $127.50, including Expedited postage to the USA or Canada (other countries, email for a reduced postage quote). I also have a super beautiful flowing copper wind chime on sale.


  1. What ever happened to your saw? I was searching for table saws on-line and came across your article.

  2. I ended up giving it away, and the person I gave it to had it repaired and is using it. I replaced it with a DeWalt, and I like the DeWalt way, way more. I feel it is a more solid machine, and it has a three year warranty, which I also like.