Monday, February 02, 2009

SD Cards Jump in Technology

Before long, these will be available up to 2 terabytes~Enough memory for over 165,000 images

My first digital camera had some small SD card that I would constantly fill, have to empty into my computer, and go back to taking pictures of my stuff. Then I got something like a 512 MB card, and things were easier, But I would once and a while still fill it during one session (I take a lot of pictures of my work!). So just recently I saw the price on 2GB cards, and bought one right away-- less than $30!

Well, recently announced, in the near future there will be 2 terabyte cards (SDX) available. 2 terabytes? 2000 megabytes! Enough memory in a postage stamp size card to hold 600-1000 HD movies. Or over 160,000 images. Guess I wouldn't be running out of memory with one of those puppies! It boggles the mind (at least my mind) that so much data could be stored in such a small thing.

The first of the new cards should be out later this year, but these will be 64GB.

My guess? Watch for a change in how your local video store rents movies.

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