Friday, January 30, 2009

Barbecued Dog

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dog, barbecuedThese cold days, the wood stove is nice and toasty, but Yukon proves falling asleep in front of it is not a good idea.

We've had such a long, cold winter. The ol' wood stove has been working hard to heat our home.

We all like to spend some moments in front of it, warming our back and front sides. No one likes this more than Yukon. Last night we were all upstairs when suddenly we smelt something burning. Turned out to be dog fur. The hound had been sleeping a little too close, for a little too long, and he started to toast. I guess his heavy fur coat insulates pretty well, and he never felt how hot it was, until it was too late. Talk about a 'golden' retriever! I noticed he is not sleeping in front of the stove this morning, so maybe he's figured that out.

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