Sunday, February 04, 2007

Second Major Revision Done

After many (many!) hours, I finally finished the second major revision of my new web site. From starting off just one month ago knowing zero about how to do any of this, I'm now feeling pretty good. But a ton of work! I need to wait for the googlebots and other bots to come by and, with luck, do a better job of indexing. It would be nice if people could find me!

Sitting at the computer is not something I am used to, at least not for longer than maybe an hour at a time. To spend so much time in front of this thing has made my head feel like a big ball of cotton fluff. Even though it is raining, and ugly, I am going to take my pup out right now for a real long hike. Some fresh wet air~ I believe that will do the trick.

If you do take a quick spin over to see the new site, be sure not to miss the 'On Sale' page. Some really good deals!

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