Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wind Chimes Going, Going, Gone

Too late~ Gone! This is the third large wind chime to fly away this month. And I don't have many left. Just one, I think. Well, not to despair. I hope to get out and make some more soon. In the meantime, there are sure lots of other super nice designs and styles still available at my website. And one really nice freestanding large double wind chime.

Here on the West Coast, Spring is in the air. Little flowers are coming up. The days are longer. And I'm loving it! I do most of my work outside. So just imagine how nice it is to have warmer weather. And dryer. Even better, the late afternoon light is improving for taking pictures of completed projects. Those short, dark winter days are awful for taking pictures. So warmer, dryer, and better light-- I'm happy.

It's clear that others have their thoughts turning towards Spring too, as I see an increase in the sale of wind chimes and garden art. One more reason for me to enjoy this change of season.

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