Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stoned Out

From the Sunshine Coast, B.C. ~ Pacific Ocean Beach Stones
Stones, stones everywhere~ but where is the right one?

Funny thing happened the other day. A customer bought two of the same beach stone wind chimes, and when it was explained to her that only one was available, that each work is unique, she asked if I could possibly make a second as similar to the first as possible. Always looking for an excuse go beach, I said sure.

Well, the beach is full of stones. But very few are suitable for my wind chimes. And even fewer look even close to the ones in the the wind chime this customer wanted me to match.

So anyone seeing me down there picking up stones, rejecting them, comparing them, would have thought I was a real nut case. In the end, I found the beach stones I needed. She will have her two matching wind chimes. You can see more wind chimes like this at my website.

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