Wednesday, February 07, 2007

'Push, Push, Push'

You're too late! You missed the boat! This one sold yesterday. But don't despair. There are more beautiful works at my website.

A reviewer of my blog just wrote they liked the ‘push, push, push to try to get people to buy.’ That got me thinking (oh, oh).

It’s tough making a living selling art or crafts. You can make all the amazing things you want, but if you can’t sell, the dog’s not going to eat.

As the reviewer noted with approval, I am upfront, and don’t sneak up on people. I believe in my work. It’s a big part of my life. it’s what I do. Along with pushing.

I thank the reviewer for not being annoyed and for an honest, thoughtful assesment of my blog and my new web site (the appearance of which has now been vastly improved from when he or she saw it— I hope).

Now if I could only think of more ways to push...


  1. Thanks, lidiman! I assume you are talking about the wind chime. I get to pack that puppy this weekend~ that's when I will be wishing I hadn't made it quite so big! That beach stone weighs almost 65 pounds. Tim~

  2. Stunning art pieces! One of these days, I hope to own one of your creations. Just gorgeous!

  3. Thank you very much, Nic~ appreciate your kind comment. Tim~