Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Large Glass and Copper Outdoor Wind Chimes

Glass and copper colourful large outdoor wind chime by Coast Chimes
Color for Your Garden
$185 at Coast Chimes
It's hard to believe this beautiful glass comes from old bottles: talk about great upcycling! It truly is awesome glass, with smooth edges and a mat finish. It is artist-made beach glass.

And it is hard to beat copper for outdoor decor. This wind chime is all copper and glass, with the exception of the solid red cedar wood roundel from which the chimes are suspended, and the beach stone clapper. All the hardware is handmade from copper (hooks, hooklets, rings). Even the wire used for the beach stone clapper is copper. So nothing is going to rot or break: this chime is made to last!

Find lots more wind chimes from glass, beach stones, driftwood, starting for as low as $55,  at Coast Chimes.

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