Wednesday, August 02, 2017

New Beautiful Blue Glass and Copper Handcrafted Wind Chimes

Cobalt blue glass and copper wind chime: Coast Chimes
Cobalt Blue Glass & Copper
$185 USD Coast Chimes
After 25 years, my glass continues to impress me by its beauty. To think, it all comes from bottles that were going to be thrown away or smashed!

Because my glass comes from bottles, I have a fairly limited colour palette. But those few colours I do have are all gorgeous, especially when the sunlight shines through from behind. When the early morning or late afternoon sunlight shines through the glass, I think of that as the glass coming alive: amazing!

The copper I use compliments the glass so well, too. I just can't imagine a better combination. Check out my website to see all the different wind chimes I make, and suncatchers, too: Coast Chimes

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