Saturday, August 05, 2017

Forest Fire Smoke, Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

Forest Fire Smoke, Gibsons BC Canada August 2017
Forest Fires Across British Columbia
Cause Grey Skies on the Sunshine Coast
It's selfish , as there are many people across British Columbia effected much more directly than the inconvenience of filthy air-- many have been are are currently under evacuation notice, and some have lost their homes. So obviously I am grateful not to be running from active flames. However, I still can not help but feel bitter, as selfish as that may be.

We have wet, grey winters here with far too few blue sky days. Last winter was also cold, with snow in my backyard for months. Everyday through the winter I walk, often along the ocean, and dream of coming warm summer days, and, yes, blue skies. All that waiting, dreaming, and nothing...

Well, at least the ocean is warm. I hope the wind shifts and the blue skies come be back soon.

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