Friday, July 25, 2014

Perforated Sheet Metal Fence, Metal Roofing Raised Garden Beds

Perforated sheet metal fence, galvanized roofing raised garden beds
This yard was scraped earth several months ago.

A while back, I had pledged to make at least bi-weekly blog postings. It turns out moving into a new house takes some time to adjust, and so many things had a higher priority than writing this blog. We are loving the new house, and my wife is fully responsible for transforming our scorched earth back yard to what you see above. Well, I do take credit for the design of the perforated metal fence, and for the design and building of the raised garden beds, which are made from leftover scraps from our house siding.

Between running my wind chime / suncatcher business, there is always a little something to do to the final touches on the house. This week has been painting the final drywall in our basement. I absolutely detest painting, so I am really happy that is done!

Now I am trying to box a very large wholesale order, shipping out to New Mexico. There are so many heavy beach stone wind chimes! This is going to be a nauseating postage bill, but I am happy to have so many fine works going to New Mexico-- one of my favourite states.

I hope to find time to do more blogging. Much more enjoyable than painting ceilings!
View of perforated sheet metal fence and raised garden beds, designed by Coast Chimes' Tim Kline
Another view of the back yard, with the semi-transparent perforated sheet metal fence, and the raised garden beds, all designed by Coast Chimes artist Tim Kline

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  1. I really like what you’ve done with the garden, everything seems to be in their proper place. And the raised garden beds look amazing. I think that using metal sheets rather than wooden pallets or ply woods as garden beds are a lot better. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Have a great day!

    Bert Aguilar @ RainFillTanks