Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blue Glass, Copper Handcrafted Art Wind Chime with Beach Pebbles

Blue Glass with Copper Wind Chime with Beach Pebbles
Cobalt Blue Glass with Copper Art Wind Chime, with Beach Pebbles

Few people have any idea of the process for making even one of my more basic wind chimes, such as the one pictured above.

Every single component, from the glass to the chimes, is totally handcrafted.

I find the rough glass, carve it, process it, drill it. I order bulk long tubes from New Brunswick for the small chimes, cut them, polish them, treat them to an antiqued finish, and polish again. I go to the beach and hunt for suitable beach stones, drill them, mount them. I bend copper wire and solder it for the glass, and to make the chime holder, and to thread the stones. Also to make the copper hanging hook. Then there are photographs to be taken. Listings on the various internet sites. 

When it sells, packing is an art in itself: getting the bought item promptly to the customer in great shape. 

My customers may not generally know just how much goes into their purchase, but I do know that they are very appreciative, judging from the emails and feedback I receive. And I appreciate that, more than anything.

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