Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Designs?

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After all these years (twelve) of making wind chimes from copper, stone, driftwood and other interesting materials, sometimes I wonder if I will ever come up with a new design. I always do, so far.

I have no idea where the inspiration comes from. While all my works are each unique, many are built on a theme that does not vary all that much. But every once in a while I will go out to my shop with the intention of putting together some kaleidoscope wind chimes, or maybe a driftwood or beach stone piece, and will suddenly just feel the urge to do something really different.

That happened yesterday. The result was a large, cold forged copper spiral. It adds some pizazz. It's cool. And my wife noticed it and commented very favorably, and that is always a good sign. When my teenage son also noticed and gave some indication of appreciation, I really knew it must be good!

It's always a nice to come up with something new and exciting. I like that.

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