Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cool Chimes for Less

Everything is getting more expensive.
Except for my stuff.
Now I am making some less expensive works.
Totally handcrafted and only $47.50?
Click here to go to my under-55-dollars page.

I'm surprised I have any socks left at all. I don't shop a lot, but when I do pretty much each time my socks get knocked off! I mean, the price of stuff!

I just got a little order of supplies I use for making my wind chimes, and the price had almost doubled from the last time I ordered. Grrrrr. It seems that way with everything I use. Each thing on its own is not so horrible, but add it all up and it's a shocker.

So I certainly understand why perhaps more people than ever before are hesitant to spend on something many might consider non-essential: a wind chime: "Let's see, gas for the car, food for the family... or a wind chime? Hmmm... guess I will get the chime!"

Because I am well aware that so many are watching their budgets these days, I decided to make some much less expensive, but still very nice, chimes. From the copper hooks to the glass to the copper chimes, completely handmade. Completely beautiful. And totally under $55.

Enjoy a little beauty in your life without breaking the bank.


  1. That chime is really pretty. I hear ya' on the price of supplies. My friend makes silver jewelry and her profit margin is shrinking as the cost of her silver goes up.

    As long as you stay true to your craft and don't make compromises you will remain successful.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment, kasanika. Yes, the rising prices makes everything tougher. I knew silver had gone up, too. Copper went up about 300%.

    You are right. I am simply working even harder to make even better things. People still know quality is worth a higher price. Tim