Friday, May 16, 2008

Coast Chimes Sale Page, Introducing

windchime, copper, handcrafted, artThis Weeks Featured Sale Item
a beach glass inspired kaleidoscope wind chime
five copper chimes with a beach stone clapper
Coast Chimes Sale Page ~ Click Here

I've decided to add a sale page to my website.

After pondering this, I decided it would be fun to pull something different each week from my other pages, and have the sale run for just one week. If it sells, no more sale until the next week, and if it does not sell it goes back into my regular stock at the non-sale price, and I replace it with a new piece.

At least for this time of year, when I actually have considerable trouble keeping up with demand at my usual prices, I won't be discounting a very large percentage. But, hey, every little bit helps, right?

And even though it is a sale item, I will still be including a complimentary set of my cold forged copper earrings. People often email how much they love these earrings.

So why not check out this week's sale?

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