Friday, May 02, 2008

$200+ Wind Chime at 99 Cents? Crazy.

Cick on the picture to see it largerwind chime, windchime, beach glass inspired, copper, cobalt blueStarting price of 99 cents. No reserve. I must be nuts!
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For months I have run one auction a week on eBay— always sticking to my 'kaleidoscope' style wind chime. It's pretty, and pretty popular. But for some strange reason, I decided to list one of my fabulous cobalt blue all glass and copper wind chimes last night. Even stranger, I decided to stick with my 99 cents starting price.

You need to understand that the blue glass (along with frosty white) is by far the most challenging to work with. It is tough achieving nice, large pieces, with a pleasant shape. Even drilling the holes is much riskier (I used to constantly fracture the blue glass). Because of the challenge, I do enjoy making them. But I just never have that much blue glass.

This wind chime is 100% glass and copper. No string. No wood. It should last pretty much forever, and just look better and better as time goes by. I've had three of this style on my deck year round for the past ten years.

Usually I put these on my website and stick firm at between $227 and $275 (depending on the glass and the copper on for the chimes). Sooner or later (often sooner), they always sell.

So to put this at .99 cents is just... nuts. Well, maybe if it doesn't start taking off, I will cancel the auction. Maybe not. We'll see.

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