Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring-like Weather here on the Coast ~ Sale to Celebrate!

my new website, Coast Chimes, snapshot image of the homepageSnapshot section of my new website. To celebrate what seems like spring here on the Sunshine Coast, I decided to have a sale! Why not check it out? Treat yourself or a friend to something beautiful.

After such a l-o-n-g, cold, wet, dark and dismal winter, suddenly we have warm(er) temperatures and blue skies here on the Sunshine Coast. I can't begin to express how this has improved my spirits! That was one tough winter!

Of course, through much of the country people would scoff at the idea of 37 degrees even being called winter. But there is a dampness and a darkness here that truly can become a drag very quickly. And then it goes on and on until it seems it will never end.

Beside, I do almost all my work outside in unheated spaces. I can tell you that 37 degrees, or even 42, may not sound all that cold, but when you are standing in one spot handling copper tubing without gloves, it is cold.

So with the sun shining down, with the temperature climbing up, it seems like an excellent reason to celebrate. Just go to my website to take advantage of my spring sale. Add some beauty to your environment.

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