Thursday, February 28, 2008

Savary Island | Dreams | Paradise

Yes~ away from it all. Savary Island.
Savary Island, B.C., British Columbia, Gulf Island, Canada, beach, scenicClick on the image to see it larger.

Have you ever dreamed of having a place on an island where you can really get away from it all? Your place? Your getaway?

Did your dream feature a beautiful island with sandy beaches, lush vegetation, an amazing house?

Welcome to Savary Island. Welcome to my friend, the five star woodworker, Andrew Van Wersch. Welcome to my new blog, Savary B.C.

If you Google Savary Island, what stands out is the number of entries that feature the word 'paradise.' I'm not surprised. Famous for its sandy beaches, its warm clean water, it's unspoiled beauty, when it comes to describing Savary the word paradise just naturally fits.

If you have ever dreamed of island life, if you like the Pacific West Coast, if you wonder what it is like to build on an island, if you enjoy beautiful pictures, then my new blog will be of interest to you.

I am starting with the island, then focusing in on Andrew and building. I'll be following the construction of the amazing place he is building on this island paradise.

Why not check it out? You can find the blog by Clicking Here.

Soon to be an exceptional getawaySavary Island, cottage, house, building, British Columbia, bc

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