Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Snow goes On and On and...

Roberts Creek, B.C., Sunshine Coast, now

The view out my packing room window. Since I mostly work outside in unheated spaces, it is really not the least bit tempting to go out there and get to work. It is pretty, though, and very nice hiking weather. I have more pictures, including recent ones of the cold snowy landscape, in a slide show on my website: Click here to see pictures of the Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast area.

This has been a very cool, wet, snowy winter so far, for this area. Most years, it might snow once or twice, and that usually melts within a few days. Then usually it's back to pretty bearable temperatures. Not this year.

We have lived on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia for thirteen years now, and I never have seen the snow hanging around this long. It's not a lot; but it's there. Not only does this make it too uncomfortable to do much work, but the white background is not ideal for taking pictures of my work. So things are kind of on hold.

Now I'm starting to run out of chimes, though, so whether I like it or not, and whether it warms up or not, I will soon have to go out and there. I am really hoping for some warmer weather!

Here is my dog Yukon, who has the right idea these days.

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