Sunday, October 28, 2007


windchime, driftwood, copper, art chimeNatural Pacific driftwood~ naturally beautiful. The beach stone clapper produces sweet music against these heavy copper chimes. For more information, or to buy, Click here.

The other day I posted a driftwood wind chime (see below) and it sold within hours. So here is a different one.

The first wind chime sold off a site called Etsy. If you have never explored this arts and crafts site, it is well worth having a look. My own corner of Etsy can be found by clicking here.

Etsy seems to be increasingly popular for both artists and art collectors. It is the only site I have found (and I have tried many), outside of Ebay and my own website, with much action as far as sales. It is also a very user friendly site, both for browsing and for listing things for sale.

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