Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slow Learner

sea glass, beach glass, art windchime, wind chime, copper

Talk about pretty wind chimes! Beach glass inspired with copper chimes, a beach stone clapper, and tung nut oiled red cedar. For more information, or to bid, Click Here.

After getting burnt on last week's auction (see below), you'd think I would have learned a lesson and tossed in the towel on these listings starting at .99 cents. Nope.

This week I started two auctions at .99 cents! Looking for pain, I guess.

The fact is, this is pretty much the slowest time of the year for me, just before the holiday rush (which I sure hope is coming soon!). But the bills keep coming in. Poor pup had a little run in with some poison, and that vet bill needs paying. And the family for some strange reason still wants to eat, even when things are not selling well. So I persist with the .99 cent listings, and cross my fingers that this time things will go better.

Why not grab the chance to get a bit of a bargain? Especially since almost certainly in a month or so, things will be flying out the door for way more money. If past years are anything to go by, soon the bidding and buying will go nuts. Can't wait!


  1. What beautiful works.

  2. I fully understand your problem. Things have slowed way down on the sales of art...the last two years on eBay for me have been dismal and local galleries are slow as well. Sort of depressing when you are trying to make a living at your art and craft isn't it?

    I'm just across the straight from you , near Port Angeles but a little further out on the strait toward Neah Bay. I love your work and hope things get better for you. Have you considered galleries over here in Washington? There are a couple in Port Townsend that I think would love to have your work. Port Townsend gets a whole lot of traffic and might be worth your while. I'm in a gallery there, but it's a co-op and I reckon you might be just a little too far away to participate the 8 hour commitment (LOL)

    We have a guy who does metal salmon and he sells his stuff like crazy. Not really sure we should have voted him in as he pretty much just rubber stamps the pieces, but they are nice. It seems to me that functional type art is still selling well above wall art (paintings and the like) so perhaps you might consider coming over across the water and giving it a shot.

    Ok, after much a blither, I'll let you back to managing your beautiful pieces :-)

    Warm regards, Christine

  3. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a nice comment. Someone got a real deal on this one, but that's fine. Adding a little beauty to the world feels good. Tim

  4. Hi Christine,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an interesting comment. Yes, we are (almost) neighbors! My wife and I took a week trip last summer down through Washington and Oregon, and I simply loved every minute of it! I had no idea how beautiful and neat the whole area is. And I certainly was extremely impressed by all the galleries and art! You folks have a vibrant scene happening down there, and seeing that certainly did get me thinking. I simply could not believe the number of galleries and the (in general) the quality of the work. I am anxious to go back for seconds!

    Yes, that would be a bit of a commute to put in the hours at your co-op! It's funny you wrote just when you did, though, as a gallery in Arizona and one in Texas just each bought a nice assortment of my work~ and they bought outright (I don't do consignment anymore), which is nice. So there you go: from not so busy to way, way too much work.

    Best wishes, and thanks again for the nice, long, comment. Tim